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Ebenezer International Gospel Church regularly organises and conducts crusades. These are public meetings to evangelise to the masses and redeem them to Christ. The Church about four crusades per year, depending on available financial resources contributed by members of the church. Finances are needed for hiring a powerful public address system, complete with power, as well as pulpit/platform.

A typical crusade normally lasts for three days, from Friday through Saturday and Sunday. The crusades normally start at 2.00 p.m. and end at 6.30 p.m. Different locations are targeted for crusades, both rural and urban centres.



Our Church normally organises and conducts conferences. These conferences are done thrice per year, each conference lasting for three days. The venue for the past conferences has been within the Ebenezer International Gospel Church headquarters at Misanga, though we are looking forward to conducting the conferences in our branch churches too.

The conferences target members of Ebenezer International Gospel Church, other churches as well as the lay people from the village. It is organised as a full board, full day event, with participants living in the church for the entire duration of the conference.

The conference is organised in April targeting the youth, August targeting women and December targeting couples. Themes for the conferences are topical issues that are crucial for the advancement of the physical and spiritual lives of the participants.  Churches and participants of the conference contribute towards the conference costs.


Village to village revival

Village to village revivals are normally conducted at night. A tent is hired and pitched in a particular village from which Church ministers of the word get into village to evangelise. Public address equipment complete with lights are hired to attract people to the tent. People from the village come to the tent to hear the word of God, pray and having their prayers interceded.  This way, their lives get transformed. Such redeemed Christian may later become members of Ebenezer International Gospel Church or chose to fellowship with other churches locally. Village to village revivals are conducted at least once per month.


House to house evangelism

Every month, members of Ebenezer International Gospel Church visit one another and go to the houses of neighbours of church members with a purpose of ministry. This outreach for Christ is intended to facilitate intimate conversations with the community, address key concerns that cannot be addressed in public and help these people live a Godly life.


Other events

Ebenezer International Gospel Church also participates in organising and conducting the following outreach activities:

        i.            Revivals: These are normally interdenominational meetings and crusades. Many Christian churches come together and work together to reach out to even greater populations. Revivals can involve the whole County or Country and thousands and even millions of people are able to see Christ through them.

      ii.            Ministry with/to other churches: sometimes ministers of Ebenezer International Gospel Church are invited to serve in other churches locally and regionally through preaching and intercession. The ministers of the Church also participate in fund-raising events to aid our own church or other churches. Church leaders are also involved in the activities of other churches such as crusades and conferences- either as facilitators, sponsors or participates.



Results of ministry and events

The ministry and community events conducted by Ebenezer International Gospel Church have seen a lot of people changing as a result. Through Christ, people have been redeemed, healed and saved. The night revivals have been instrumental in redemption, the crusades have witnessed healing and salvation has occurred during for house to house evangelism. We thank God for using us as instruments, for giving us the mandate and allowing us to serve Him. We continue praying that His work shall continue and the whole wide world will serve, praise and worship Him.





To all our ministry partners,prayer partners and all our ministry followers!

Greetings to you all in Jesus name!

I take this opportunity to thank you all for your effort of praying and supporting our events.

For the year 2020,we accomplished  all and it happened through your prayers and support. 

2021 EVENTS!!!

We have been able to three acres of land in which we have planted corns.

We are also raising funds to purchase a mill to help feed needy families such widows, orphans and street children!

This programs are done every week on Saturdays 11am East African time. 

We have already received $1301 out of $4000!

Anyone willing to donate can do it via pay pal to ::::  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Western Union /Money Gram

David Juma Wakoli

Kitale Kenya

Or ministry  website 

Your prayers and support will be highly appreciated!!


We are also asking for prayers and support to build our headquarters  church.


1.Mill project $4000!

2.Church building $8000!

3.Orphans,street children & widows feeding per year $10800!

TOTAL $22800!

Thank you so much for your consideration and support.



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