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About Us

Ebenezer International Gospel Church is a Christian protestant church that draws people to Christ and transforms their lives through the Grace and Power of Jesus Christ. 



Ebenezer International Gospel Church is ably led by Pastor David Wakoli who also doubles up as the Bishop for all the Ebenezer International Gospel Churches in Kenya.

Pastor David Wakoli is assisted by  Rev Ibrahim Matanda  also serves as the church pastor.

Ministry Leaders

i. General Secretary    Pastor Geoffrey Wafula

ii. Reverend     Pastor Ibrahim Matanda

iii.Youth Leader         Pastor Moses Wekesa

iv.Treasurer               Pastor Godfrey Wangila Wafula


Ebenezer International Gospel Church is steered by a Church Development Committee comprised of nine members. The Church Development Committee is chaired by Pastor David Wakoli. The responsibilities of the Church Development Committee include management of different sections and functions of the Church such as:

        i.            Coordination of the process of other local churches that would like to join and be affiliated with Ebenezer International Gospel Church .

      ii.            Overseeing the development of Ebenezer International Gospel Church, including fundraising  and management of finances for Church development.

    iii.            Management of community development programmes such the mission to Orphans and Vulnerable Children as well as community education and health projects.

    iv.            Coordination of income generation activities of the Church as crop and livestock farming in own and leased farms.

      v.            Organisation of ministry to the communities, for example, crusades, conferences, village to village evangelism and night vigils.

    vi.            Management of the relationship between Ebenezer International Gospel Church and other churches such as interdenominational revivals and outreach to other churches.

Additionally, Ebenezer International Gospel Church has the following Church organs:


The Church Choir is comprised of 12 members and is led by Janet  Kisuya,  the Church Choir meets every Saturday for practice. The membership of the Church Choir is mostly youth. They are responsible to leading the Church is praise and worship during services. The Choir also presents their own special pieces during Church services.


The Women Ministry is led by the Church Elder (Women), otherwise popularly known as Mama Kanisa. The Women Ministry coordinates the Women Fellowship every Wednesday afternoon. The Women Ministry have plans for their own development as a group as well as for church improvement.


The Youth Ministry is led by Moses Nyongesa. The Youth Ministry is mostly engaged in:

        i.            Awareness creation

      ii.            Topical education,

    iii.            Talent search and

    iv.            Talent building,

The Youth Ministry has got great plans to record their music pieces and market them commercially.


The Men Ministry is led by the church elder known as mzee kanisa Kisuya Barasa . The Men Ministry is mostly concerned with Church development, such as:

        i.            Acquisition of plots and farms for development

      ii.            Church construction

    iii.            Income generation activities.


Ebenezer International Gospel Church  is affiliated to North Rift Fellowship Church Ministry (NRFCM).

NRFCM is headquartered in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County, Kenya.

NRFCM is a Christian Protestant Church whose faith and beliefs match with Ebenezer International Gospel Church’s.

NRFCM is led by Bishop Meshack Agona.

Though Ebenezer International Gospel Church is affiliated with North Rift Fellowship Church Ministry for registration purposes, the two churches are largely independent and run their activities and ministry to the community autonomously. This means that Ebenezer International Gospel Church’s mission is not currently supported by any ministry, locally, regionally or internationally.

Ebenezer International Gospel Church subscribes to North Rift Fellowship Church Ministry through a small subscription fee paid annually.



Ebenezer International Gospel Church

Physical Address: Matisi-Liyavo Road, Misanga Market, Liyavo, Kitale, Trans-Nzoia County, Kenya

Postal Address:  P.O. BOX 3231-30200 KITALE, KENYA

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: (+254) 715 109 741, (+254) 757 620 541


Ebenezer International Gospel Church  was started in 2013 by Pastor David Wakoli and his wife Ruth Wakoli. David’s in-law Godfrey and his wife Metrine also joined them in this noble mission by offering inspiration, support and prayers.


Ebenezer International Gospel Church  was started at Misanga Primary School where we stayed for one year. This was before the church acquired her own premises. In 2013, the Lord opened our ways and we were able to buy a plot in Misanga market. It is on this plot that we built a church. We have been worshiping in this church for seven years now. Currently, Ebenezer International Gospel Church  has 120 members, and growing. 


Ebenezer International Gospel Church was a community effort led by Pastor David Wakoli to address the following issues that are prevalent in the community:

(i)                 Poverty- both physical and spiritual: God’s people were living in squalor- conditions characterized by extreme lack of some of life’s most basic needs such as food, clothing and housing. But even worse is that these communities are spiritually malnourished. They have been led astray in the pursuit for material clout and self aggrandizement so much that their souls are empty, their hearts are void and they hunger for fulfillment that only God can provide.

(ii)               Societal injustices such as land evictions, landlessness, political debauchery and violence, failure of the justice system, unemployment and underemployment and general lack of opportunity in life for posterity. These conditions are the perfect factors that have precipitated disillusionment and anger that are prevalent in our modern communities.

(iii)             Environmental factors such as declining land productivity that leads to food insecurity, climate change characterized by regular extreme weather events, deforestation, desertification, loss of biodiversity and declining natural resources such as water.


Ebenezer International Gospel Church stepped in to redress the problems of atheism and anguish exhibited in the communities as a result of the vagaries of life. The Church steps in with ministry  and service to the community. We come in to restore hope and help recover the purpose that God’s people lost in life. And we believe that by the Grace and Will of God, all things are possible.






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